Gift 64 – Sharing More

Hi Little Dear,

A few minutes ago I was flipping through old prayer journal entries and read this one: “God, I love and adore Reagan more with each passing stage. I think it’s because we’re able to share more and more–a picture book, a silly face, hiding from Piper, etc.  I love sharing life with her and can only imagine sharing more and more as she grows.”

I think this might be what sanctification means for the child of God.  In becoming more and more like Jesus, we are able to share more with God.  We grow to share His burdens, His passions, His compassion, His patience.  “Growing up” in the faith means having more and more in common with God, and thus, participating more fully in this life-giving relationship.

One thought on “Gift 64 – Sharing More

  1. Great analogy in gift 64! I really liked your definition! Thanks for writing & sharing it! Love Mom 💕

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