About the Project

This blog is a collection of gifts, 100 gifts to be exact, from father to son/daughter (our first child is due in July!).  But it’s not just for my kids someday.  My hope is that by reading these gifts other people will see the value in cultivating a culture of dangerous gift giving, especially from father to child, because it’s not something we’re very good at (I’m being nice, we’re awful at it).  As you read, think about just what it is that you’re passing down to the young people in your life.

For an explanation of the blog title read Gift 1 – A Dangeruss Name.

About the Author


Bryant Russ really doesn’t know what to say in this “About the Author” section so he’s going to write in third person because it might be easier to describe myse…I mean, himself that way.

Bryant is passionate about stories, poetry, God’s beautiful creation, and people. He is blessed beyond belief to have his dream job as a Bible teacher at Holland Christian high school where he is encouraged to be creative, to think deeply, and to challenge his students in what it means to follow Jesus. He enjoys bonfires, traveling, and the occasional game of Settlers of Catan.

Also, his wife Amanda rocks. Seriously, though, she is so cool.

That’s all for now. Go read the blog, okay?


YOU are invited to contribute to 100 Dangeruss Gifts.

If you are interested in writing a “Gift” for the blog, please write your potential post in pdf. format and email to bruss@hollandchristian.org.


If you come across any artwork and/or quotes that fit the vision and purpose of 100 Dangeruss Gifts, send them to bruss@hollandchristian.org.  I’m currently working on an art/quotes page and need your help!

2 thoughts on “About the Project

  1. Bryant, I found you via Guideposts. I have a story in the same issue! (pg 32). I noticed you live in Zeeland where our daughter just moved. She and her husband also work in Holland. Read a couple of Gifts – started with #31. Maybe I’ll try my hand at contributing one sometime. Great Guideposts story and blog. Check mine out as well at FarmingtonGlenn.net.

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