Gift 63 – The Dangeruss Parables


Your uncle Garrett and I just finished putting together a collection of short stories for you and your cousins!

We did this because in the last few years we’ve become keenly aware of the shaping, making, molding power that particular stories had on our own lives, and we wanted to give you that gift, too.

As the preface says,

Garrett and I decided to tell these stories because we care about the shape of our children’s hearts. We want our kids to become rebellious citizens of light in the dominion of darkness. We want them to hunger and thirst for righteousness in a culture that loves complacency. We want them to be dangerous enemies of injustice and evil. We want them to see and live into the “unseen world”. Our hope is that these few short stories help them become the kind of men and women God is calling them to be.

These are stories of friendship, and adventure, and mischief, and fun.  Enjoy them, my dear.  We wrote them with love.


(And for everyone who isn’t my daughter, you can find more about the book here: :))



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