Gift 59 – Why We Read Together

One of my favorite things to do as a Bible teacher is to enter into the Scriptures with my students.  We learn a few strategies in the first weeks of school to help us do this effectively and imaginatively (We call the strategies Chew, Dig, Dress, Listen, and Move).

The cool part is that they always see things that I haven’t.  We’ll gather around a particular text and, incredibly, each come away with different questions and insights.  Reading together allows us to seek God as a community instead of as just individuals, and this always results in a wider, deeper, bigger understanding of God.

I’ve been having fun putting together images to represent this kind of communal reading.  The following pictures  show what happens when we enter the Story together. (I layered a group of students’ annotated texts on photoshop so they all appear on a single page.  Thanks for the help Justin Dreyer!)

John 11

John 15


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