Gift 58 – Why God Made

Hi Rea,

Yesterday, as I watched you playing on the floor by my side, I thought of all the wonderful things I can’t wait to share with you.

I can’t wait to read the Narnia books to you.

I can’t wait to play soccer in the grass with you.

I can’t wait to eat chicken alfredo pizza with you.

I can’t wait to watch the Harry Potter movies with you.

I can’t wait to go camping with you.

The list goes on and on.  In fact, even before you were born I made a list of all kinds of things I couldn’t wait to share with my child someday.  This made me even more eager for your arrival.

A question I’ve always wondered is, Why did God make the universe?  If God was completely satisfied, entirely content, totally happy existing in the community of Himself (we call this the Trinity), why change things?  Genesis 1 doesn’t tell us.  It starts with, “In the beginning, God made…” But I’d really like a Genesis 0 to tell me WHY?!?!  What is it that drives a totally content and happy God to build a universe?

The thing is, I don’t know.  I think the full answer is beyond my reach…But I’m willing to make a small guess.  Remembering that eagerness I felt even before you were born–that desire to share the things I love, all the good things I knew about–makes me think about God’s motivation.  Could it be that Creation is a supreme act of eager sharing and inviting?  That God wanted to share the goodness of Himself, and so invited us into existence in His world?

I like thinking about this because it helps me imagine just who God is.  This question of “Why did God make?” is so important because it offers insight into the very heart of God.  Our God is one who desires all good things for His children, to be shared and experienced alongside the ultimate good gift–God Himself.

5 thoughts on “Gift 58 – Why God Made

  1. We never thought about it. We liked your comparison to Reagan and how God may have felt in giving his creation to us. With our love, GGG

  2. It’s a question that I have also wondered too. I’ve learned that Genesis (or the Torah I don’t remember which) starts with B and ends with Z (in the equivalent Hebrew of course). God gives us B-Z, but doesn’t give us A. A isn’t necessary for our understanding. However, We usually always wonder about “A”. I like to think about the intricate details in God’s creation like butterfly wings. Nonetheless, this post just leaves me with one question: if “Our God is one who desires all good things for His children,” why does suffering happen to us (His children)? Maybe something you can try to answer in your next post.

    • Hi Zuzu,

      Thanks for your comment. I’ve never heard that about the B to Z thing. Very cool.

      And your question is a good one (and a big one…and an old one). I probably won’t be able to wrestle with it properly in a blog post, but might discuss it at some point for sure. I’ve found that the simple-ish, easy answers you learn growing up suddenly become inadequate when someone you love is suffering. But I also love how the Bible invites us into these hard questions–and to even ask God! The book of Job in particular is a big fat question/challenge of Deuteronomistic theology that says “Be righteous and you’ll be blessed.” In the story we meet a righteous man who is cursed! How can this be?! And yet, the LORD is shown to be God, even when things get messy and confusing.

      Thanks again for your thoughts,


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