Gift 39 – My Dear Little Dangeruss Girl



We had our ultrasound this evening; I didn’t blink the whole forty minutes.

You are beautiful.  Wonderful, amazing, incredible.  And I love you like crazy.  The nurse couldn’t tell if you were a boy or a girl because of the way you were lying, so I talked to you and asked if you could please wiggle around just a bit, and you did 🙂  Daddy’s girl already.  It’s funny how much pride I feel being your dad, and I’ve only just seen you on the hospital screen.  My heart is so full.  I’m praying, right now, for you to grow into a dangerous little girl who loves the Lord with all her heart.  You have mine, already.  See you soon, little peach.

In the meantime, your mamma has already purchased about a hundred little dresses and hats and PJs.  Everyone has been so thrilled to hear that a little girl will be joining our family in July.  Everyone except your cousin Gabe, that is.  He was pretty devastated when he heard the news.


8 thoughts on “Gift 39 – My Dear Little Dangeruss Girl

  1. That is so sweet Bryant! I’m super happy for both of you and know how loved this little girl is already! We can’t wait to meet you sweet heart!

  2. Bry, this was great! Such heart & emotion! I loved it! Being a parent is the BEST JOB EVER!

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  3. Bryant! We are so beyond excited for you and Amanda! And also for your little girl. She is going to have such marvelous parents! 🙂 Jon is still in disbelief… I mean, he basically feels like an uncle already. (he’s sitting at the table muttering… ahh. ahh. so cool. I mean… ahhhh.)
    We’re excited to see you soon!

  4. We are so excited for you both! God already had something in store for you when you were asked to speak at Mother/Daughter Tea last year 🙂 a glimpse of things to come. I agree whole-heartedly with Rhonda – parenting is the best job ever! The privilege God allows us is amazing, the emotions that come with it are overwhelming. Loving a little one with this kind of love that you have never felt – priceless and precious.

    • You warmed my heart, Bryant, when I read your thoughts to your baby girl. I remember so well when you were a tot. You and Amanda will be amazing, fun parents!
      Love, Grandma Granger

  5. Congratulations to you and Amanda. The love of Christ that you both will shower her with will be phenomenal !
    With Lots of love grandpa G

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