Gift 38 – Looking Through Old Papers

Dear Little One,

Today as I was cleaning my office I came across a notebook of old papers from high school. I spent the next half hour venturing back in time through my former thoughts, prayers, my former identity. Many of the things I read made me smile and shake my head as I remembered how silly and simple high schoolers can sometimes be.

Other pages, however, were challenging. Challenging because I could see how far I’ve digressed in what this whole following Jesus thing is all about. You see, the older I become the more my heart turns from a temple into a factory—it goes from loving Jesus to loving being a Christian, with all the pressure to chime in on hot-topic issues, and to have something impressive or insightful to say.   It also doesn’t help any when Christianity is kind of your job.

Anyway, one particular piece of paper brought me back to that secret place where Jesus longs to live, not just be the topic of conversation. Reading it was like finding an old love letter after being married for several years—challenging, revitalizing, an invitation to love like this again. I share it with you now to remind you what life with Jesus can be when you hang tightly to the faith of a child, even in the midst of ever increasing responsibilities and demands. I pray that you may you have a Mary heart in this grownup world of Martha obligations.

photo (19)

Life with the Lord Means…

  1. Adventure.
  2. Peace in all things, like a recklessness because my life is secure in Christ. Now I can love without fear.
  3. Sweet loving blessing in knowing God. He gives the shining stars as gifts.
  4. Faith surprises.
  5. I can be a child before God and a leader for people, but only when my eyes are focused on Jesus. “Being” and “seeming” is not important so I can really become.
  6. Grace.
  7. Abundance (not necessarily outside, but in my heart—even in dry times I’ll have hope).
  8. Jesus enthroned in the secret places of my heart—the wellspring of all outside life.
  9. Purpose.
  10. Joy in the face of adversity.
  11. Hope in pits of sorrow.
  12. Love, even when I think it’s impossible.
  13. Disciplined lifestyle in freedom.
  14. Staying connected to the Vine.
  15. Hearing God’s voice.
  16. Prayer life! Ask and it will be given—our wills aligned, mine to His.
  17. Freedom from money and all material possessions because my hands are open in an offering to God. This freedom that goes hand in hand with trust is wonderful (Luke 12:15—so good!).

One thought on “Gift 38 – Looking Through Old Papers

  1. These are really good guides for my life, I love especially clauses “abundance in heart”, “Joy in face of adversity and hope in a pits of sorrow” and disciplined lifestyle in Freedom”

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