Gift 62 – Forgiveness and Joy

Dear Reagan,

These “gifts” are increasingly becoming from you to me.

I’m adjusting to the role of dad and all the multitasking that goes with it.  A few nights ago we went to a Lugnuts/Whitecaps baseball game in Grand Rapids and only when I pulled into the parking lot did I realize that I had forgotten your bag at home.  No sunscreen.  No hat.  No food.  No juice.  No toys.  Nothing.  And you were still so good!  You looked at me like, “It’s okay, dad, I know you’re still getting used to this whole responsibility thing.”  (Plus you got dip-n’-dots and lemonade for dinner, so it wasn’t a total disaster).

Just today I drove to pick you up from daycare.  Upon walking out of the building I realized that I left your carseat in mom’s car.  [Yell.]  So I dropped you back at daycare and drove 20 minutes home to get your carseat before coming back.  And guess what?  You were still so joyful and happy to see me (for the second time).  Part of it is that you don’t know what’s going on yet.  I know.  But still, I’m so grateful for your joy, Reagan, and I’ll be grateful for your grace and forgiveness when you start to figure out that your dad needs serious help.

I’m sure by the time you read this you’ll have forgiven my absentmindedness about a million times.  Thank you!  I really am trying 🙂  Here are some fun daddy/daughter pictures for you to see what this first June together has been like!  The first one is from the baseball game, haha.

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